Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thank you dear friends.

Hold a true friend with both your hands.
Nigerian Proverb
I truly hold all of you with both my hands. Your comments on my last post have meant the world to me. How gracious you are to welcome me back after such a long absence.
I did do some stitching and sewing over the summer. It was my only way of keeping my sanity.
First I had a couple of pieces I had been working on for awhile but didn't really know how I wanted to finish them. I knew they would be for my daughter and she is the one who told me what she wanted.
Yes this piece is suppose to say "Reading, Writing, and Stitching". Well my daughter doesn't stitch but I wanted to do it for her because she is a teacher. OK sub trying to get a full time position.
This piece is a composition book cover.
She was very pleased with this one and asked if I could cover a binder for her. Well I had just the piece waiting for a home.

I started back in March this next piece. It was the piece Belinda at Blue Ribbon Designs taught at the first New England retreat. When I saw the piece I wished I had attended that class. I was so excited when the pattern was released with the shaker box. I finished the piece but never got around to finishing it. I couldn't get to a lot of working stash since I was in the process of getting it all out of my craft room making the room ready for Anna to have full time. Well this summer I finally got my supplies where I could find them and was determined to finish another project.

I just loved the saying "Hands to work, hearts to God".
I finished mine with a cording around the top.
It was a happy day to finally have it done.

I bought this pattern at the Tulsa retreat in April. It seemed to call out to me as we were right in the middle of not really knowing what the future was going to hold for us. This is my first piece I have finished filling with the crushed shells. I finished the back with a fabric frame around some wool to keep pins in. It sits on my chair arm next to me and I find myself playing with it. I think the crushed shells makes it my stress relief pillow, I find it comforting to just hold. It is sitting on my one year chronological bible. I am finding reading it this way is making so much more sense to me. I only have until Dec. 31 to finish reading it. It has also been nice because my daughter and I are reading it together and have enjoyed  our discussions.

Like I needed another chart with the many that I already had but when I saw this cute thimble purse from With Thy Needle I knew I had to have it. Mostly because she is holding a pair of scissors. Many of you know they are my addition.


It is lined with the same fabric it is sitting on. Of course mine does not hold a thimble, mine holds those tiny little scissors. This was a fun piece to make.

Lastly I stitched this little pillow for Pastor Appreciation Day. She has preached on this passage before so thought it would be a perfect little gift.

So that is what I have been up to. I will get some picture of the project my husband said "now you have lost it". I will keep you hanging with that.
Thank you again for all your wonderful comments. I am still trying hard to read blogs on a more regular basis.
Always keep love in your stitches,