Thursday, January 17, 2013

I can't believe it's all stitched.

"Winter must be cold for those with no memories."
Author Unknown

I can say I have some wonderful memories but I have still been cold. I apologize now for all you who live where it really does get cold but for a California girl it has been freezing.  I think it is our coldest winter ever. For many days we never got higher than in the 50's and nights have been in the 30's. That's OK if you have the clothes for it but we really only have sweaters and very light jackets. Yesterday we got in the 60's and today 70's are back. I have a feeling this spring I will be busy replacing all my frost bit plants. 
I can't believe I finally got all the stitching done on my scissor keep. I started it October of 2011 for about 2 weeks and stopped. Not just stopped but put away until New Years Day. I pulled it out to have something to stitch while I watched the Rose Parade. I am so happy to have it done and am ready to sew it all up. Maybe this afternoon I will get it done.

Across the top in the pink is the word "scissor" in 6 different languages. Of course I have a pretty pink material all ready to line it.

I must show you one of my Christmas gifts. My brother and his family last year gave me a gift certificate to Silver Needles for the upcoming retreat. This year he asked if I wanted another gift certificate to a stitch shop. I thought about it for about a half a second and said you are the perfect brother. This year I choose Shepherd's Bush. I have to show what they sent along with it.

They sent this cute little reindeer made out of a pair of gloves. Attached was this saying " When the winter winds blows, chilling fingers and toes, keep your hands snug and warm, so you can stitch up a storm. Merry Christmas from Shepherd's Bush.". Isn't that just the cutest thing to come with my wonderful gift certificate. I plan on ordering soon so stay posted to see what goodies I add to my stash.

I am excited to get back into the "Stitched with Love Exchange". I have not participated in a few months and am so happy Lainy is keeping it going. The theme is Cozy Stitching and we are to stitch something about stitching and keeping cozy warm.  My question to you is what is a perfect cozy stitching time for you? To me sitting in my big chair with a warm cup of tea (vanilla flavor would be my first choice) and a frosted sugar cookie. A good movie like a love story and my stitching in hands.
That is a perfect day to me.

"Kindness is like snow,
it beautifies everything it covers."
Author Unknown
I think you for all your kind words and prayers you have given me, especially in these last few months. My family says I am getting my happy old self back and I told them I am back to blogging and it brings such joy in my life. I thank you all.
Always keep love in your stitches,

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year, New Beginnings

"Beginnings are usually scary and endings are usually sad,
but it's the middle that counts.
You have to remember this when you find yourself
at the beginning."
Sandra Bullock
Well we are finding us at the beginning of another new year.  I myself probably like the middle of the year. The beginning is scary with all those resolutions you know you will never keep and the end you realize you didn't keep those resolutions. In the middle you don't even think about them. When you start a new project are you scared, at the end do you miss it a bit. I enjoy stitching a project when you are in the swing of it and just relaxing in the stitching. A perfect day to me. Speaking of in the swing, I have read blogs for 4 days in a row. I am so excited to get back into reading. I have done lots and lots of reading and catching up but little in the comment form. If I left a comment on each blog I would never get caught up. Just know that I am now out there and looking into a bit of your lives and enjoying it.
I received a lovely post in the mail. It was stamped Royal Mail and I thought maybe it was my save the date card for the upcoming royal baby shower. It was not but just as exciting it was a surprise from Mouse.
It was a wonderful letter and what I called a Ort Bag. Then I read her blog and she called them "Bourse" bags. Isn't that a more exciting name than Ort Bag.  Isn't it just the cutest thing. Are you like me, first thing I did was try and figure out how it was made. She told me it was a simple 12 inch square. I can see me making a few of these. Thank you so much Mouse for the delightful surprise.
I need to know has this ever happen to any of you. I showed in my last post a biscornu I have been working on for what seems like forever. It is a Faby Reilly Design. I got the first side all done and if you look hard you will see not all sides are the same size. They all have the same number of stitches but two of the sides are almost a inch shorter. Well this just won't work as a biscornu so it looks like the future of this piece will be a small pillow. I am not even going to bother stitching the back side but will find in my stash a cute material to back it. I still like it and it will be a cute pillow or pin cushion instead. Oh well life goes on.
I started "Scissors by any other name" by The Cat's Whiskers back in October of 2011. I got just enough done to be bored. Well I pulled it out after the new year and started it back up. I have got a lot more of it done but sadly boredom is kicking back it. Lots and lots of one color. I am trying hard to finish the piece because it is lovely when it is done. I saw it finished at the retreat in New Hampshire and fell in love with it. Pam won the pattern at the retreat so I knew it was meant to be stitched. I just need to stay focused and I will be on to the next color soon.
I have to admit I caved in to a New Years sale on a online shop. This is what I purchased. Since they are all Christmas themed you won't see them in the rotation any time soon but I just had to have them. You all know how that goes.

I thank you all for following my blog and being there. I am now getting our lives in some kind of order and look forward to blogging more regular. I do so enjoy reading your blogs and being a small part of your lives.
I wish I had a box,
the biggest I could find.,
I'd fill it right up to the brim
with everything that's kind.
A box without a lock, of course,
and never any key;
for everything inside that box
would then be offered free.
Grateful words for joys received
I'd freely give away.
Oh, let us open wide a box
of praise for every day.
Author Unknown
I think all our blogs are these boxes that we so freely open up for all to read.
Always keep love in your stitches,