Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My First Cross Stitch Retreat

Friends touch our lives in ways no one else can....
They leave lasting imprints on our hearts.

    First let say "Thank You" to all who have starting following my blog. It has been exciting reading all the new comments.
    Last fall I was able to attend my first cross stitch retreat. I do a lot of cross stitching shopping on line and was once again browsing on the ABCStitch website when I saw they had just hosted their first retreat. My husband and I were in the middle of planning a fall foliage trip to the New England states. I mentioned to him that there would be a retreat in New Hampshire at the Enfield Shaker House right in the middle of our trip. Much to my surprise he said "book it" and I will visit friends in Maine while you are there.
    From the minute I arrived at the retreat I knew this was going to be a special time. Marie the owner of ABC Stitch and Nataly her helper made everyone feel so welcome. I had found Nataly's blog before I left home and had enjoyed following her. What a treat to now meet her. We were so pampered at the retreat from goodie bags on arrival, the most delicious food all weekend, surprise treats left at our door all weekend, a trip to the shop with a tea party, not to mention our reason for attending, a wonderful project to work on taught by Thea of Victoria Sampler.
    I was a little intimidated going to the retreat since I had not been stitching that long. I wasn't sure how much of the project that needed to done before I got there. So when the project arrived at my door I dropped all other stitching and got to working on my Gingerbread Tree Etui. We had one piece of linen and all these pieces had to fit. I must of measured re measured at least a dozen times before that first stitch went in. I was never so nervous because this piece everyone would be watching me stitch. Boy did I worry over nothing. Everyone at the retreat was so warm and friendly. They even shared a few stitching tips with me. I had so much fun I will be attending again this fall doing the back to back retreats.
    Attending the retreat was not just the fun of staying in a shaker bedroom, the fantastic treats and food, the fun games and prizes, learning new stitches,  it was meeting all the cross stitch lovers and making life time friends. Getting to know Nataly on Nataly's Needle Creations was so special after reading her blog. I do have to say a big "THANK YOU" to her for mentioning me in her blog inviting you to join mine. Marie and her staff at ABC Stitch, visit and see what I will be doing in the fall. It was at the retreat I met Pam who we are now great email buddies. We will both be attending the retreat together. She and I started blogs together, please visit hers at confessions of a southern stitcher. She has posted an interesting question, can't wait to read your comments.

This is my retreat project. All four sides have a different scene.
It was fun learning to do a bullion knot rose, spider web rose, whipped spider web rose and the queenstitch.

Always keep love in your stitches,


Kathy Ellen said...

Teresa... You have done such beautiful work on completing your VS Gingerbread Tree Etui and needlework accessories! Just lovely!

Please visit my stitching blog sometime...

Midge said...

That is absolutely beautiful.
I'm so in awe of your skills.

Catswhiskers said...

beautifully done.
You have a sweet and lovely blog here

Tricia said...

This is beautiful! I've never been out east, but would love to go someday. Perhaps I'll have to plan a retreat in my future!

natalyK said...

Lovely finish!! It was wonderful meeting you at the retreat and look forward to catching up in October.

Mouse said...

HI lovely finishing there and glad you had a lovely time at the retreat :) it is nice when stitcher's can get together:) love mouse xxxxx

Faye said...

Absolutely beautiful finish Teresa!! I know you truly enjoyed that retreat!!!! Thanks for sharing, Faye

Barbaral said...

Beautiful work!

Kiss, Barbaral

pam said...

Your are finsihed! Can I just say I am jealous. I only have one side completed. I really need to get busy to have it finished by next retreat. Your piece is really lovely as is your blog.


Mary said...

You did a beautiful job on your etui, Teresa.
I'm so glad that you enjoyed the retreat. It sounds perfect...and just look at the results....a beautiful piece and an accomplished happy stitcher.

Anonymous said...

E' un bellissimo lavoro. E bellissimo e dire poco. Scusa se mi permetto ma potrei avere lo schema e la legenda dei colori? Saresti troppo gentile. Qui non credo di trovare un lavoro simile. Ti ringrazio ptr quanto potrai fare.
Annamaria (Verona Italy)mail:

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Wow...this is so beautiful. Where oh where can I possibably get the pattern for this. You say it was a retreat event. Will this pattern be made available. I have got to have one. It is now on my imaginary cross stitch wish list. Nice job on it. Just beautiful!!