Thursday, November 17, 2011

Finish, Field Trip and a Fun Package !

"Good humor is one of the best articles
of dress one can wear in society."
William Makepeace Thackgray

I think I am finally getting my normal quiet life back. My son left on Monday after a almost 4 week visit. It was really nice having him home. He did take up residence in my guest / stitching room. Since I returned from the retreat I have not been able to unpack my treasures and really sort them out. With him in the room and me going back and forth to SIL's they had to take the back burner. Now I am having fun going through it all and seeing just how much stash I managed to fit in my suitcase.

I have been able to finish the project from the first class. Belinda from Blue Ribbon Designs taught the class the cutest little shaker chair. You might remember in one of my retreat posts just how small this chair is.

Here is what Belinda's chair looked like:

After changing a few of the colors and going with my favorite pink theme, here is my finished chair:

I am super excited to tell you about a field trip I took this week. We have a new store that is only 24.7 miles from my house.

That's right we now have Hobby Lobby in California. I went to my mom's and loaded up her and her scooter and off we went. It was my mom's first time in a Hobby Lobby. We had the best time. She rode up and down every aisle. I think we were in there 2 hours. It is the first time I have been in one and didn't have to think, will this fit in the suitcase or is there any more room in the car for me to take this home.

One of my purchases was this ornament tree. I thought it would be a great size to hang some fobs or humbugs from. Even cuter at 50% off.

Right now it is sitting next to a fun little sewing machine lamp I got in New Hampshire. To bring it home in my carry on I got it without the shade. I just purchased the shade and it is part of my retreat unpacking. The quilt that is hanging in the background we found while cleaning out my grandmother's house. It was one of the first ones she made. There is lots of holes where the stuffing is coming out but I think it is my favorite. She really did make some beautiful quilts.

Today I got a fun package in the mail. I won a give away from Karen - Sew Much 2 Luv. I won the cutest apron. My daughter loves aprons and I can't wait to give it to her. Karen surprised me by adding a LHN pattern in the package. It is :"All Dolled Up". Can you believe I don't have this one.

Karen even has this cute little labels that say "Sew Much 2 luv". I thought her picture of the apron was much better than mine so I borrowed it off her blog.

Thank you so much Karen, it is just beautiful.

I am going to have a surprise announcement in a couple of days so keep posted.

Always keep love in your stitches,


Denise said...

Yep, your girls will love this apron! And congrats on your pattern too!

Your chair is adorable and love your little fob tree. Too cute.

Catherine said...

Great goodies!! Love the chair!

Karen said...

Love your little chair and now I have Hobby Lobby envy! I've never even seen one! How fun for you! So glad you liked your package :)

carol fun said...

Wonderful goodies - love the little sewing machine lamp! There was no way I could have resisted it either. Enjoy your Hobby Lobby - I have several near me and I can spend hours there - so much to see and great sale prices. Take care.

Kate said...

Great finish on your chair, love your ornament tree and that lamp is fabulous. Hope your daughter enjoys the apron.

Deborah said...

I love your pink version of the retreat piece. Having that quilt from your grandmother is such a treasure. Beautiful apron.

cucki said...

lovely goodies and i love the chair and little fob tree is so cute..i hope your daughter love the apron.keep well xx

Kelly said...

The apron and the chair are adorable. Hobby Lobby is a nice store. Keep in mind they are closed on Sunday's. Not a big deal but sometimes that is when errands are ran and 24 miles is a ways to go to find a store closed.

Pumpkin said...

I just adore this little chair and your color combination is perfect :o) Love your finds and lucky you to have a HL close by!

Congrats on your win!

butterfly said...



Sarah said...

Beautiful chair! Your colour combination is lovely.

Dani - tkdchick said...

That chair is absolutely adorable!!!

Bekca said...

It sounds like you and your mum had a blast touring round Hobby Lobby! I love your new ornament tree, so very perfect. Congrats on the win and I look forward to hearing about your surprise announcement. Best wishes.

BRD Girl said...

Love, love, LOVE how your "pink" chair turned out - it looks fabulous! It was a delight having you in class and I am so glad you completely finished the project...and I am thrilled that you made it "your own" - it is WONDERFUL! You make me smile!!