Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh What Fun!

"The moments of happiness we enjoy takes us by surprise.
It is not that we seize them, but they seize us."
Ashley Montaqu

I had so much fun opening all the fun tissue paper and finding each surprise.  You see the give away I won from Cathy at Tolentreasures arrived. The give away was for one of her four square jean mats and maybe something extra. Boy was I spoiled with all the something extra.

Cathy not only enclosed her wonderful jean mat, but all this wonderful goodies. The mat is the perfect colors of our trailer I will use it on the table next to my side of the bed and place my tea cup on it. She knitted a cowl scarf and I love it. I am not a fan of scarves because I seem to get the ends in everything, this is just perfect. She makes these cute little hearts and then she tea stained them, or maybe it is coffee. I am so happy to get one, you know I love hearts. Cathy decorated a nice towel for the kitchen. On her blog she talks about going to second hand stores and buying old wool coats and things that she cuts up and makes into fun stuff. I got this nice pillow with her penny rounds on it. I am imagining what it was before it became my fun little pillow. Cathy tole paints the most wonderful things and now I am lucky enough to have one of her ornaments.
Thank you so much Cathy for just spoiling rotten.

This is what happens when you step away after taking the pictures. Annabelle is my little helper. Do you have a helper too?
Usually she sleeps most of the day. This is what I found the other day when I went to make up the bed.

I joined the traveling pattern ABCD from La-D-Da. Jennifer at Confessions of a serial starter is hosting it. Edgar from Blacksheep's Bit of the Web had it last and sent it to me. I got it on Friday but had a busy weekend and didn't have time to stitch much. Yesterday when I was on letter "H" I saw a problem way back at letter "D".  That's right I had to frog back to "D". Now I am back to starting at "H" again so not much progress. When I am done with the pattern I will log in the journal and then send it on to Kathy, Kathy's sit and stitch. It is fun to look through the journal and see how others have chosen colors. Here is mine, the material behind it will give you a clue to my colors.

I have been working on "Bunny Hop". I am almost done and only have the grass left. Unfortunately there is lots of grass so stitching the "ABCD" will be a nice break. I am going to make it into a pillow and the material behind it will be the colors.

Thank you so much to all my old and new followers for the wonderful comments.

Always keep love in your stitches,


butterfly said...

Love your rabbit pillow so much its soooo cute.

Great giveaway you won.

My poppy is always on my bed if I leave the door open .

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

You received such a nice package of presents! And your stitching is coming along so well. I really like your bunny hop! It's in my "to do" pile for sometime this year, hopefully!

Patty C. said...

Congratulations on your win !!
Your ABCD is looking wonderful -
& your Bunny Hop will make a beautiful pillow

Sarah said...

Lovely goodies - I have a cat that likes to sleep IN the bed too. Beautiful stitching on both counts, good luck with all that green!

natalyK said...

Lovely goodies! Congrats on the win. I don't think I could have resisted cozying up with that kitty. It looks so warm and toasty. Have fun stitching ABCD. I enjoyed every stitch!

Karen said...

What a fun package! And I love your bunny project! Adorable!

Peggy Lee said...

Great progress on ABCD so far! Can't wait to see it finished. This has been such fun to watch.

Jennifer said...

I love seeing everyone's take on ABCD! Great start. (I'm personally banishing any further froggy business!)

Ranae said...

Very awesome goodies from Cathy, I can see how you had fun.
I have a helper too, I can't count how many times I found out kitty on my stash or WIPS, gotta love them.
Bunny Hop is looking so sweet

Catherine said...

Wonderful goodies from Kathy and such a cute blog helper!
I love that you are doing the ABCD in pink!!

Deborah said...

Beautiful goodies from Kathy. Annabelle is a cutie. I love pink so I am looking forward to seeing ABCD finished.

Teresa S. said...

Congrats on your giveaway win! Wonderful treasures! and I love the Bunny Hop pattern-don't think I ever noticed it before (thats why I love blogs :)

Lesleyanne said...

Congrats on your giveaway win. Your stitching looks great. Love the backing fabrics you are planning to use. I have a cat that likes my bed too.

cucki said...

congratulations on your win dear..
your stitching is looking so lovely..
and cutest kitty :)
love u cucki xxx

Mouse said...

oooo lovely goodies :) and yes I have a wee helper too .... Bentley ..lol
well done on the TP start and love those colours and can't wait to see bunny hop done into a pillow :) love mouse xxxx

Nancy said...

What nice goodies you won! Your start on ABCD is pretty, sorry you had to frog back to the D...there is something about 'simple' patterns that makes me miscount a lot for some reason! Bunny looks so cute, that is a lot of grass though!

Love your cat, I have a little helper too!

Anne said...

What a lovely giveaway you won Teresa!! That mat will look fabulous!! Annabelle is so sweet. So hard being a kitty isn't it?!!! I like the pink you chose for the ABCD pattern and the Bunny Hop is cute too!!

Cross Stitch Queen said...

lovely goodies and awesome stitching. i love the pink floss you are using.

your helper is so cute. don't work her too hard.


pam said...

I see you are using your signature color. Looking great. Great win as well.

Pumpkin said...

What an amazing package of goodies you received!

That darn frog seems to be visiting a lot of stitchers lately >:o( Glad you found the mistake earlier on. Your pieces are looking lovely Teresa.