Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love of Friendship

"Open your hearts to the love God instills.....
God loves you tenderly. What He gives you
is not to be kept under lock and key, but to be shared."
Mother Teresa

Happy Valentine's Day. Do you have something special planned? We have always stayed home and enjoyed a home cooked meal. I have loved a tradition started way back when we were kids and I have continued it on with my own family. Everyone must wear something red to the dinner table and when you pull out your chair you would find a special treat. Growing up our favorite meal was my mom's meatloaf so on Valentine's Day she would shape it into a heart and we thought we had the best meal on earth. We knew we were truly loved and special.

Speaking of feeling special, I received a wonderful surprise package from Pam. She had recently gone on a business trip to Utah and was lucky enough to visit Sherpherd's Bush while there.
She knew I loved their pendant projects. She sent me not one but two of them. Also enclosed was some delicious cookies and some heart shaped Peeps. Yes I admit I like those sugary treats. I really like them after they are open and stale.

Here is a couple of the cookies with some peeps. There was also some dark chocolate dipped cookies but they broke in the mail. That's OK because when that happens all the calories fall out so I hate them right away. I admit these two got eaten with tea this morning. Did I mention the package just came yesterday. I can not resist a frosted sugar cookie.

This is the first pendant. It came in this cute box. I could not wait to start this one so I spent the entire afternoon working on it.

I am very pleased to say I did it in one day. This really is only about a inch long stitched. It is one over one.

The other pendant will be started real soon. It will be one I will be taking with me to camp with all the other Easter themed goodies.

Thank you Pam what a wonderful surprise. You can be my Valentine any day.

When I was back in Mass. in the fall I had the pleasure of joining a stitching group and meeting a fellow blogger Deborah from Cranberry Samplings. I had admired her quilted project bag. I took down the measurements but with all the stash I brought home it got lost. She was so wonderful to not just give me the measurements but she drew me a picture.

Joann's is having a sale next weekend and I will for sure be looking for some fun quilted material to try this out. She also enclosed a pattern that she had two of.

I think this one would look nice in the same colors I did the "ABCD" pattern in. I do like my pinks.

Thank you so much Deborah for taking the time to draw out the measurements for me.

I got my little heart fob all sewed up just in time to enjoy it for my Valentine's Day stitching.

"Today, see if you can stretch your heart
and expand your love so that it touches not only
those to whom you can give it easily,
but also those who need it so much."
Daphne Rose Kingma

Always keep love in your stitches,


Nancy said...

That's a fun family tradition for Valentine's Day! Pam is such a good friend to you, very nice goodies she sent! So nice of Deborah to send you the measurements for the project bag, hope you find the perfect fabric. Love the little scissor fob! Enjoy your Valentine's Day!

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

What a "love" ly post! I am interested in seeing your quilted bag when you get it done. It sounds wonderful! So glad you got some treats to enjoy and stitch! Happy Valentines Day!

Anne said...

Those cookies look so delicious and almost too pretty to eat! I loved reading about your family's tradition for Valentine's Day! The meatloaf shaped in a heart is so cute!! What sweet gifts from your friend too! I've never seen those pendants before. They are very beautiful. Love your little kitty Valentine's fob!!

Happy Valentine's DAy!!!

Carol B said...

You must love to see your mail carrier arrive! Such lovely gifts. I never thought of using pre-quilted fabric for project bags. Can't wait to try that.

Mouse said...

ohh that's a lovely tradition to have :)
such a lovely gift off Pam and shame you couldn't have shared those cookies heheheh ... and wow that was nice from Deborah with the instructions and the chart :)hope you have a lovely valentines day :) love mouse xxxxx

Pumpkin said...

What a lovely package you received! I don't see any Peeps in that picture though ;o) LOL!

That was very nice of Deborah as well. Looks like you've had a great mail week so far!

Hope you have a nice Valentine's Day. DH already made me Creme Brule for dessert tonight ;o)

Vickie Niggemann said...

Ah yes, Mother Teresa. If only we all could follow in her footsteps, the world be would be so much more wonderful and blessed. Happy Valentine's Day Teresa. Love your pendants. :)

butterfly said...

Your family tradition is lovely Teresa what lovely gifts and stitching have a lovely day.

carol fun said...

What a great family tradition! I love all your stitchy goodies - those pendants are beautiful!

cucki said...

aww your family tradition is very sweet,,
love your goodies so much..
big hugs for you xxx

Deborah said...

Love the necklace and the scissor fob! Beautiful. Really you didn't have to show my very poor drawing. I just hope you can make a portfolio from the drawing. lol Have a great day.

Theresa said...

What a lovely family tradition~~~~ Your pendents and fob are gorgeous!!!! Happy Valentines Day~~

Lesleyanne said...

A lovely family tradition. Your fobs are gorgeous.

natalyK said...

Love stale peeps!! I like the pendant that you stitched and your fob is gorgeous. Love the little kitty charm.

Bekca said...

I love hearing about people's family traditions, I find it so interesting. What a gorgeous little fob, I love those heart pins. Best wishes.

mdgtjulie said...

Your little Valentine's Day cat is cute, Teresa. And grats on getting the first pendant done so quickly. Yay you!!! As for the Peeps, I won't eat them if they're not stale! I definitely share your taste there. And the cookies look delicious too. Lucky you! Happy belated Valentine's Day to you!

Catherine said...

How sweet of Pam!! Enjoy your projects ~ your fob turned out perfectly!

Deb said...

I love that pendant you stitched up!! What a lovely gift for you to work on! And I love your fob! Beautiful work!