Saturday, April 13, 2013

Being with a friend.

"Friends are most important ingredient
in the recipe of life."
Author Unknown
Friends are so wonderful to have and what a blessing it was to get off the plane after a long flight and be greeted by a wonderful friend. Not to mention a stitching friend, they are just the best. After Pam picked me up the first place she took me was to my favorite "Cracker Barrel".  Yum, was that ever good. When we arrived at her house she made me one of my favorite pies, pecan.
Sorry I didn't get a picture of it before I got a hold of it. Pam is a wonderful cook and it was delicious.
When I went up to my room you can not believe the greeting basket she had for me.
It was filled with so many goodies from a southern cookbook, some wonderful teas, stitching needles and lots more. She also made me this cute pillow.
One of the items I brought Pam was this beaded and stitched piece. It was a piece she saw last year and said this could be the two of us sitting at the lake house.
Pam took me to the lake house and here is the beautiful view from the deck.
After a couple of days playing around in her cute town we headed off on Tuesday morning for the retreat. What really should have been about a 6 hour trip took us 2 days. We really took our time and visited about 4 stitch shops, a couple of quilt stores, a tea house and not to mention a antique/flea market.
Here are  just a few of our stops.

Erma Bombeck said "the odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a loaf of bread are three billion to one". Well the only thing on my list was a couple of thread colors and believe me I didn't come out of those shops with only my thread. I will have to get pictures of my stash another day.
We finally arrived at our retreat destination and have been having a wonderful time meeting new stitchers. And yes we have been getting some stitching done.
Just in case we didn't have enough stash one of the girls took us to her local shop. Yes we added even more to our stash. I can't believe how each store has something new I have never seen before.

Well it time to get ready and head over to the stitch room. I will try and get some pictures of my new stash and what we are stitching. The most important part is we are having a very much needed relaxing time away from our everyday lives.
Always keep love in your stitches,




cucki said...

Aww such sweet goodies..
Love for you x

Catherine said...

Sounds perfectly wonderful!!!!

Simply Victoria said...

What a whole lot of blessings going around! Friendship, gifts, time together, stash and stitching! Enjoy!!

Mouse said...

ooooo simply perfect from start to finish :) can't wait to see the goodies and its a written law you have to have baskititis when you go into a stash shop heheheheh :) love mouse xxxxxxx

Bekca said...

I would love to do a stitching road trip one day! It looks like you had a wonderful time :) I look forward to seeing all of your goodies, best wishes.

Astrids dragon said...

What a wonderful visit! Looks and sounds like you both had a wonderful time. Stitchy friends are the best!

Anne said...

Looks like you two had a lovely visit. Pam is so sweet to make you that lovely basket of gifts from her heart...the best kind of gifts. That pecan pie should be shipped over here so I can have a piece!

Thinking of is your daughter by the way?