Monday, May 23, 2011

My Walk About

Pluck not the wayside flower;
It is the travelers dower.
William Allingham

Today we decided to take the sea side trail that takes you into Bellingham. It is a 3 mile walk that takes you part way by the water and into a wooded area. Along the our walk about I keep stopping to take pictures of the beautiful wild flowers that grow along the way. It was a lovey walk and when we reached the end we had a delicious lunch, the only problem was it was a 3 mile walk back. I hope you will enjoy some of the sights I saw.

Everything is so green and lush here in Washington not like my dry sunny California.

Always keep love in your stitches,


Lesleyanne said...

Great photos of your walk.

Mouse said...

ooo lovely flower shots on you walk .. love the bee and the ladybug ones :) love mouse who atm has sun but very windy the kind that blows your socks off

Kate said...

Lovely photos.

Sarah Beth said...

Beautiful. I saved some of those pics for myself for screensaver pics. Hope you don't mind. I am having a givaway on my blog.

Shari said...

gorgeous pictures!!! My blog post last week was full of flower spring flowers!!

Pumpkin said...

LOVE all the flower pictures! Isn't this such a wonderful time of year? :o)