Friday, May 20, 2011

On The Road

Hi from my road trip. Let me start with a fun story. Our traveling friends read on line 10 fun things to do on a road trip. Well our first fun thing didn't quite come out right. As we ate lunch at our first stop we were told "don't eat too much we have a fun snack for later".  Well in the heat of the afternoon and the boring drive up highway 5 thru California our friend read for hot cookies on the road you could cook cookies in a pie tin on the dashboard in about 10 minutes. Well after about a hour on a hot black dashboard this is what we had.

Do I need to say don't try this yourself. Well maybe if you are traveling thru Death Valley in the summer time.

On the way up we stayed a couple of days in the small town of Jackson right out of Sacramento to visit with some friends. While there we visited a few antique shops and a couple of wineries. I did  find a glass frog.

                                         This made me want to go watch "Walk in the Clouds".

On the 1200 mile trip I did manage some stitching in the car. I am going to make this Lizzy Kate into a fob for a gift.

I got this LHN done and I am not sure yet what I will be doing with it,

I was lucky enough that when the men stopped at this small little town to go in a Radio Shack there was this cute fabric shop next door that specialized in quilting. If you bought 12 quarters you got one free, yes I just had to buy 12. I could have stayed in the store forever.

We are off tomorrow to do some yard sales. I will let you all know what fun finds I  discovered.

Always keep love in your stitches,

PS - Sorry I have not had time to catch up on your blogs. I hope to get a chance this week


Lesleyanne said...

A lovely finish. Great progress on your fob and lovely fabrics.

Mouse said...

ooo I think I will pass on a cookie thanks .... sounds like you are having fun :) can't wait to see the scissor frog and lovely fabrics you picked up there :) love mouse xxxx

Nancy said...

Don't think I want a! Great stitching going on in your car though! Love those fabrics!

Kate said...

Mmm car cookies - think I may just pass on that!
Great L*K & LHN finishes.
Enjoy your trip.