Monday, October 10, 2011

Come and be a part of the journey.

"All journeys have secret destinations of which
the traveler is unaware."
Martin Buber

First let me say "Thank You" for all you comments and well wishes. Today was a real journey in which I wasn't even sure of where the road would take me. There was a brochure in the hotel lobby for a apple orchard so I decided that would be my first stop. I was off on a country road in search for apples. This was one of the sights on the way.

I am in love with all the fall colors. They are really just starting to change in Mass. I hope to get some better pictures in New Hampshire.

Here is some picture taken at the apple orchard.

This house was right next to the orchards, you might not be able to see there was a field of apple trees behind it. The shutters on the house had apple cut outs in the middle of them. I would be so happy living in this cute red house in the middle of all those apples.

My next stop was a planned trip to a General Store. It looked small from the outside but just keep going and going once you were inside. There was a whole section of what I grew up as penny candy. Now they were mostly 5 and 10 cents a piece. There were 3 young girls who were trying to decide what candy they wanted. One of the girls said to the others "we only have a dollar each so we must pick wisely".  I didn't stick around to see how they each spent their dollar. Here are some pictures taken outside.

I really had no plans after that so I went down the road to where they were suppose to have cranberries. I arrived to find the place closed. It was very commercial and the cranberry fields weren't even near there. So I drove down the country road and to my surprise I saw a cranberry field. I pulled over to take a picture and as I was the owner came home. He was so nice and told me how they grow on vines about 12 inches long. They flood the fields and then he takes a machine to separate the berries from the vine. Then adds more water and they float to the top. He then gathers them in a circle. This is what it looks like then.

The young man said he sells them to Ocean Spray. He was so cute and nice. A very unexpected stop on my travels.

Looking at the map I discovered I was now not far from Plymouth Rock. Well you can't be that close and not stop.

You might be saying is that it. Well that is exactly what I said. Now I can say I saw Plymount Rock.

Tomorrow morning I pick up Pam at the airport and we head to New Hampshire. We plan on stopping at the Yankee Cross Stitch on the way. Tomorrow evening is the welcome reception for the retreat. I can't believe it is almost time. Tonight I plan on doing some stitching. Thank you for taking this journey with me.

Always keep love in your stitches,


Sarah said...

I'm very much enjoying all your beautiful photos, thank you for sharing! It looks like you are being blessed with the weather.

I admit, I'm one of those people that just wants to travel everywhere, but you are moving that part of the world up far higher on my list then it was before!

Catherine said...

What a wonderful day!!

Parsley said...

Love it! I could just see myself there! Fall...a blessed season!

Nancy said...

Beautiful pictures! Glad you had a good day being a tourist!

natalyK said...

THE Plymouth Rock. Wish I was home so we could have visited. I am right around the corner from there.
Sounds like you had a lovely day.

carol fun said...

Great start for your adventure -- have a wonderful time!

Deborah said...

I didn't know that you were going to be in the area. I live about 15 minutes from Plymouth. We could have gotten together. Have fun in NH.

Lesleyanne said...

Great photos. Have a safe and fun trip.

butterfly said...



Mouse said...

oooo great photos and blurb on your trip not sure which bit I like best the choosing of the all important sweets or "the plymouth " rock ... glad you are having a great time and hope Pam can contain herself as she is sooooo excited to be going :) love mouse xxxxx

Bekca said...

Ooh, I so want to visit America! I'm really enjoying seeing all your photos, can't wait for the next installment. Best wishes.

cucki said...

very lovely place and i love my journey with you..
love fall so much.
keep well dear xxx

Denise said...

By now you are ready for stitching! Have you found the fudge yet? There are some awesome sweets on the east coast!

Love the pics - glad you've had time for your adventure!

Karen said...

Another fabulous day! Thanks so much for sharing your adventure. I love seeing your photos and hearing about your trip!

Terri said...

Great pictures and it sounds like a wonderful trip!

Have a great time at retreat!!

Charity C. said...

Beautiful pics! Sounds like you are having a lot of fun!! Enjoy yourself!

Nancy said...

Thanks for taking us all along on your trip! It is fun to see and read of your travels. I hope you will continue to do the same with the retreat. I am envious. Not only of the retreat but also the travels. Have fun!!!

Pumpkin said...

You're not even to retreat and you've seen so much already! What fun you must have had seeing all these sights. I'm enjoying seeing them myself :o)