Friday, October 14, 2011

Fun, Fun Outing !

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness
simply didn't know where to go shopping."
Bo Derek

Well I can tell you we all new the perfect place to go shopping. After a morning of stitching we all took a field trip to ABC Stitch.

This store is so big and the variety is amazing. Just take a look at some of the areas of the shop. There is a sitting area in the middle to relax to build up energy for more shopping. The variety of threads they have can make you dizzy. One whole wall has nothing but threads and it is so colorful. Besides that there are many more displays of threads. They have so many models stitched around the room for you to see many of them Finished. Nataly took me around and showed me the ones she stitched.

They also had a table in the back set up with tea and snacks for us to enjoy while we shopped.

I will show you everything I purchased later. I need to get a picture. After shopping we came back and did some more stitching. I was able to get my chair seat stitched and attached. I was so excited to have that part done. The rest will be no trouble at all.

The shakers hang the chairs upside down on pegs when they are not used. We thought it would be fun to put mine with some full size ones.

After a fun day we went up to our rooms and found another goodie bag hanging on our doors.

Today is a free day and Pam and I are going out with the 4 Aussie girls. I am sure there will be some fun stuff to tell you later.

Always keep love in your stitches,


cucki said...

wow..another lovely store..this shop is truly huge and amazing..i love it so much again like all the others shops..
enjoy your time dear :)
lots of love for you and lovely goodie bag you received..
happy stitching xxx

Carol said...

Oh--I"m so envious, Teresa! That store looks incredible. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a safe trip home :)

Patty C. said...

Wow - That store looks amazing - I'm glad you had a good time !!!

CalamityJr said...

Another perfect day for you! Enjoy your "free" day (bet it isn't really free, lol)!

Lesleyanne said...

Oh wow. I am sooooo jealous. That shop looks amazing. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

lesli said...

It looks like you are having so much fun!! I'm soooo jealous! :) Can't wait to see more pictures!

Deborah said...

Sounds like you are all having a great time.

Denise said...

I had to enlarge the photos and go thru them like a slide show...oh my goodness the floss - pardon me while I wipe the drool!

Hope the shopping trip was a nice as the shop!

butterfly said...

What a great shop we need more shops like this here in the UK .
You are having such a good time only have to take a look at your face.
Enjoy the weekend have as much fun as you can.

Mouse said...

ohhh wow another fab shop and way to go on the finishing .. it looks soooooo cute next to the growned up ones and you look so happy to have finished it :@)
nice treats again and enjoy your night out :) love mouse xxxx

Nancy said...

Oh, I have shopping envy!

Lee said...

What a wonderful time you are having... enjoying reading all about it.

Vonna said...

That chair is so darling :)
And what a great good time you are having! Stay outta trouble!!

Ranae said...

That store looks totally amazing
Have fun!!

Nancy said...

I really am enjoying your trip. Just wish I was there too. Keep those posting coming. It looks like you are having a ball!! Love the pic of the chair hanging with the big ones.

natalyK said...

Great job on your finish! Your chair is darling.

Bekca said...

That looks like the stitching shop of my dreams! I can't wait to see what you purchased Teresa, it looks like you've got lots of lovely freebies already. Best wishes to you.

Anne said...

Teresa I have been loving your posts about your travels and I feel like I am right there with you...I only wish!!! My goodness what an amazing store to visit! That would be a dream!! Love that picture of you with your chair! It is adorable and so are you!! Such fabulous goodies that you have been receiving and I can't wait for an update on your day out with the girls :D



Cross Stitch Queen said...

WOW!! You guys are having a great time!! The shop is awesome. I must go up there sometime. Nothing like that in these parts. Looks like you are having the time of your life. Quite a haul you are taking home. We won't tell hubby a thing!

Continue having fun and thanks for the wonderful pics. They are awesome!!


Pumpkin said...

OH WOW! I want to visit their store now ;o)