Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Such Kindness

" Tell the Lord how thankful you are,
because He is kind and always merciful."
Psalm 118:1

Such kindness has been been given to me and I am most thankful. First Karen from Sew Much 2 Luv sent me and and my niece Anna the most thoughtful gifts. She sent me a cute little pillow with a stitching angel on it. I just love how she has labels with her blog that she attaches to her goodies. Karen does the cutest sewing on her blog with lots of fun things for her grandkids. She was so very kind to include an adorable pink owl purse for Anna. She was so excited to get her first mail at our house. She said she was going to put her tissues and lip gloss in her bag. Remember when that was all the important stuff you needed to put in your purse and you were ready to go.

You can't tell but the card says "anything is possible". I have to believe that.

Thank you so much Karen for your overwheming kindness.

I participated again in the Stitched With Love Exchange. Thank you Lainey for another wonderful exchange.

I was so lucky to recieve a wonderful package full of goodies from Catherine at Bramblewood Stitches.

Not only was my exchange piece adorable but was stitched in my favorite color, pink.
Catherine really went out of her way to make the package special. She included lots of patriotic fabric and some scissors to add to my wonderful growing collection. She also included some fun school themed note paper. She included a wonderful new pattern with all the threads for it. Lots of cute buttons and linens were also enclosed. Thank you so much for spoiling me.

I sent my package to Shannon of My Little Stitching Blog.

I really have enjoyed participating in the exchanges. I am afraid this next one I will have to sit out. We will be out of town for awhile and I won't have time to get a package together.

I did manage to get a few pictures taken of some of the stuff I did and received at camp.

 Each night we were given some goodies at our door. The first night we received this lovely Vera Bradley bag and notebook.

The next night we received a Vera Bradley little box and nail file. Also included was a Silver Needle thread holder, painted magnet and patterm.

How spoiled were we. We also received 4 projects we could work on. I only got two of them done. First was a little fabric holder with a Lizzy Kate pattern we could use to stitch something on the band.

I still need to get some cording around my scissor fob.

We each recieved a kit to make these cute paperclips. I was lucky to get this teacher set. I will be giving them to my daughter and possibly making more now that I will be buying teacher gifts again in my future.

The other projects we received was for a block finish. We got the pattern and all the materials to make it into a block. I really learned alot about putting one together. Now we will have to see if I ever get one done. The other project was a lovely wooden pin cushion from Sudberry. I didn't care for the pattern we were to stitch for it so I am looking thru my stash for a different pattern.

I took all the girls at the camp a card with my blog and a homemade heart counting pin along with a See's sucker.

I have had so much kindness given to me not just in packages but from prayers and comments. I am truely thankful for them all. I am slowing getting back to a normal blog reading routine and leaving a few comments.  An udate on my niece, she is staying with us on weekends for now until school is out and with MIL during the week. She is very excited about coming to live with us. She said "Aunt Teresa I know you are strick but I understand now why you are and it's OK". We have our first court date on May 2 nd.  In 52 years I have never seen a lawyer before much well gone before a judge. I really don't have a fear on the background check we are really a boring normal family. Hopefully there won't be too many hoops they want us to jump thru. Thank you again for all your support.

Always keep love in your stitches,


Deborah said...

Teresa, wonderful exchanges! Love all the things you received at The Silver Needle retreat. Love all the VB stuff. The court stuff will go fine. You just have go through the process. My prayers are with you all.

Carol said...

I'm so glad little Anna is excited about moving in with you, Teresa--she will surely liven up your home again :)

Lovely gifts from Karen and Catherine and your loot from the Silver Needle retreat is fantastic.

Best of luck to your newly blended family...

Sarah said...

Glad to hear things are pulling together for you and your family Teresa, our prayers and thoughts are with you.

Your exchanges and goodies all look absolutely wonderful! I'm glad you enjoyed a weekend away

Sue N. said...

Theresa, bless you and your family as you embark on this new phase of your life. Glad your retreat was a respite for you. Enjoy your stitching gifts as I'm sure the recipients of yours will!

Myra said...

Wonderful gifts from Karen and a wonderful exchange too. Catherine's stitching is gorgeous as is yours. The retreat sounds fabulous.

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

What wonderful gifts arrived for you in the mail. You are indeed a lucky girl. I will keep your family in prayer as you transition to your new life. Patty

Patty C. said...

So many wonderful goodies - Congrats ;)

Shanda said...

What beautiful exchange gifts and retreat swag!! I'm glad to hear that things seem to be going smoothly with Anna. I'm sure all the legal mumbo jumbo will be easy peasy for you!

Nancy said...

Wonderful exchanges! You got lots of goodies at retreat! Love those paper clips! Glad Anna is looking forward to living with you!

Lesleyanne said...

Your exchanges both sent and received are gorgeous. A lovely gift received too. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend with lots of lovely goodies. Hope things go okay for you.

Mouse said...

ohhh wonderful exchanges you did and also the stuff from the retreat yummmmm...
glad to hear things are settling down a wee bit ...and love the purse for Anna :)
all being well letter will be on its way to you soon :)
from a rather wet and soggy mouse house xxxxxx

Karen said...

Hi Teresa! So happy that Anna was pleased with her owl purse and I love all those wonderful goodies you received and sent on your swap. You've inspired me to joint he next one. Can't wait to get my questionaire in my email :) Have a wonderful day!!!


Anne said...

Oh Teresa, I'm so glad Anna is excited to live with you and your family. It was so sweet of Karen to sew up a little purse for her and send you a sweet little pillow. Lovely exchanges you sent and received Teresa!

Many hugs and prayers to you and Anna

Catherine said...

So glad you liked your goodies! I had fun gathering them and stitching for you ~ and really glad I went with pink and not the green for the pin keep!
You've received some beautiful goodies ~ enjoy them all!
Sounds like things are going good so far with the adjustments. Continued thoughts and prayers your way.