Friday, May 4, 2012

I am so blessed.

"A blessed thing it is for any man or woman
to have a friend, one human soul who
we can trust utterly, who knows the best
and worst of us, who loves us in
spite of all our faults."
Charles Kingsley

I think blogges and crafters are just such friends that accept us as we are. In blogs you can tell your thoughts and share a little bit of lives to others. I do so enjoy reading blogs and learning all about you. OK sometimes I get a abit behind but I am still here. Still trying to adjust to my new life God has chosen for us.

Tricia from The Stampers Stitching is one of the those kind bloggers. She also goes by the name Mrs. Graceworks. I was extremely fortunate to have recieved a wonderful package from her in the Christmas exchange. If you do not follow her blog she not only does cross stitch but she makes the most beautiful handmade cards. What a surprise it was when a package arrived from her. It included several of her lovely cards for me. She also included the cutest little journal she made for my niece Anna. How special we both felt. Tricia said when she was a teacher each student had a journal they could leave her with questions they didn't want to ask out loud and she would answer back, sometimes asking a questins her self. Anna and I look forward to answering each other questions.

How do you spend your mornings? Mine use to be getting up early and getting some housework done and then enjoying myself stitching. I still get some stitching done just not as much as I would like. I have been stitching the apron in a piece that seems like it is taking me forever to get done.  I am also in the process of emptying out my craft room to make room for Anna's things.

I have not told you much about Anna's past but lets just say it is not a life a child should have lived. Her parents taught her no responsibilities are asked nothing much of her. She is use to doing what she wants when she wants. She has been very good about learning the boundries or our home. She told me the other day I know you are strict but now I understand and it's ok. She came from a home where they never ate together and all her meals were in her less than clean room. She loves eating at the table with all of us and her table manners have improved tremendously. Her grade have even gone up. Because she came from no rules she did what she wanted she many times was just bored and colored on just about anything. Usually with markers. So this now gets to how I spent my morning. Instead of stitching I spent the morning trying to get marker streaks out of a American Girl doll's hair. She does love her dolls and we are now learning the proper way to take care of them. I scrubed the dolls skin with Comet (OK don't recommend this beauty treatment to all of you) washed her hair and conditioned it. Got most of the marker out. For you info yellow and green come out a lot easier then pink marker. I did have to dip a Q-tip in bleach and get most of that out. After a comb out and a small trim this is my mornings success.

Once her hair dries I suppose I should get her dressed again. It is kind of fun playing with dolls again after so many years of them packed away. My favorite growing up was Barbies, what was yours?

We had our first court date and everything went wonderful. We just have to be bonded. They don't want us running off with all her money. What money I ask? We have not gone through probate so who knows what money will be left. Oh well that's our court system. The judege did say this is a real quardianship case where both parents have passed. He said mostly he sees kids being taken away from parents.

Thank you again for all your support. I am still out here and trying my best to keep up with blogs.

Always keep love in your stitches,


Nancy said...

What a lovely gift you and Anna received! Glad Anna is adjusting to life with you! She is a very lucky girl to have you in her life!

butterfly said...

Friends are so kind at times love the card and note book.
You must be going through hard times and it's not easy, I had one of my GD for two years and it was hard at times to change their ways, but we got there in the end , she is now 24 and is going to be a mother next month what a change in her now, she is so looking forward to a new life with her own family.
I always have Faith that things always work out.

Karen said...

So glad to hear that things are gonig well. Children definately need boundries and she will feel that she is loved because of it. I know what you mean about playing with dolls. I saved my daughter's Barbies and her other dolls and now my little granddaughter Evie is falling in love with dolls and she's only 10 months old. I brought down one of the boxes that held her mom's dolls and she was so excited! So I'm cleaning the dolls, combing their hair and making new outfits. After 4 grandsons, I've been waiting for this! Have a lovely weekend!

Mouse said...

ooooo what a lovely thoughtful gift from Tricia :)
glad things went well, I've have had my fingers and paws crossed for you :)
and coooo love playing with barbies and dressing the dolls hair etc but not with pens
glad Anna is settling down well and you are all adjusting nicely by the sound of it :)
take care love mouse xxxxx

Kelly said...

My thoughts are with you. I am happy to hear things are becoming the new normal. You did a wonderful job with the doll. You cannot even see that it had "different" colored hair. Have a wonderful weekend.

Penny said...

What a wonderful gift! And a lovely idea too. Things sound like they have been tough, but getting a little better. Anna is very fortunate to have someone to care for her and about her. :)

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Oh no! Poor AG doll! You did a wonderful job cleaning up. Perhaps we need to stick with washable markers for now?? : ) Stay positive, I'm sure you'll see Anna try to do right when she understands what is expected.

I'm so glad you liked the cards and Anna liked the notebook. Her note to me was precious!

Silverlotus said...

It sound like you are adjusting very well. And I'm glad the court process is going well.

Also, how nice of you to tidy up her doll. I secretly would love an American Girl doll. I had Barbies when I was little, and my little son is only interested in Hot Wheels and Lego. ;)

Sarah said...

What a sweet gift for you and Anna. You are a wonderful and inspiring woman Teresa, may you be blessed for your strength. So glad to hear that you and Anna are coping well and settling in to the changes in your lives.

Deborah said...

It sounds like both of you are doing okay. I am sure that Anna will blossom in your home. My thoughts are with you both.

Vickie said...

Lovely gift from Tricia. Hooray for you, the doll's hair looks good. I played with Barbies a lot. :) Prayers sent for all of you. ♥

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everything went well in court, I hope your niece continues to settle in with your family.

Anne said...

Teresa, what a lovely, thoughtful gift Tricia sent you. If I had my own classroom, I would have the journal idea for my students too. It's perfect!

I'm glad Anna is settling in and accepting your rules. Children need structure and routine and I think she will get it with you! That and lots of love of course!!! It makes them feel safe and secure. The court system sounds a bit frustrating, but I'm glad that it is going okay for you.

As for the dolls, well I was a big Barbie and My Little Pony fan myself! My mom sewed the most beautiful clothes for my Barbies.



Catherine said...

Such a thoughtful gift and great idea from Tricia!
You are definitely giving your niece a very loving and supportive home, for which I am sure she is very grateful.
Continued thoughts and prayers as you continue with the court process ~ I'm sure you'll be glad when that is all over.

Bekca said...

It's lovely to read that Anna is adjusting well. I'm glad to hear the court date went well too. Best wishes.