Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I confess I am a hoarder

"We are not cisterns made for hoarding,
we are channels made for sharing."
Billy Graham

     I have been busy putting away my stash from my vacation and decided to clean out my craft closet at the same time. I have discovered I am a cross stitch hoarder. I have enough stuff to last for, well I don't know how long. But a very very long time.   If we ever get snowed in here in Southern California I will be prepared. 

    In my stitching travel bag is a ORT container. I don't usually save my ort's but I did on the trip. I love unique glass containers or dishes of any kind. Here is my vacation TUSAL in a fun 50 cent dish.

    Along the way I found this white frame ( I fell in love with the pink ribbon) for a dollar. I thought I could mount something in this 50 cent tray. I am always looking for a square frame and who could pass up it for 50 cents.

   I found a small needlework shop that was ran by a much older couple from Poland. It was the most unorganized place you have ever seen. The woman followed you around the small shop asking what are you looking for. I did get a couple of things, one was this sachet kit from her  dollar basket. It came with the fabric so I might make it into a fob or something, most likely will throw away the potpourri that came with it.

   I also got two small patriotic patterns from her. (The Lizzy Kate was in the mail when I got home)

  If you have been following my blog you will know I like scissors and fobs. When I saw this pattern I knew I needed it. Won't they make a cute fob (and yes I got some new scissors too).

At a thrift store I got these 3 charts for 25 cents each. I knew the alphabet one would come in handy some time. The chart on the right is patterns for the 2 glass jars I bought earlier in the trip so of course needed this too. ( Have you noticed I can pretty much justify anything)

    Saw this pillow kit and thought it would be fun to make for my teacher daughter. I might put her name on it instead of September.

    I love fall stuff of any kind. Couldn't resist this little pumpkin pocket.

Well now I have confessed that I am a hoarder. Aren't we all just a little bit of one?

I close with this last vacation photo. When we were out looking for garage sales we saw this hot dog stand. It just made me laugh all day. How do you with out laughing say you work there. How do you tell your friends I am owner of Neirer Nierer Weiner and not laugh while doing it.

Always keep love in your stitches,


gracie said...

Oh I am going to have to try to find the Quaker Turtles....and the Pumpkin pocket is a nice idea...

Nancy said...

My craft closet needs cleaning out too but I am afraid to tackle it...do I really want to know how much, too much stash that I have??...probably not! Don't worry about your excess of stash...I think most of us have the same problem! Glad you got some stitching in on your vacation! Great finds you got too!

Lesleyanne said...

Great new stash and some lovely bargains. I think I have too much stash and probably most other stitchers have too.

Kate said...

Aren't all crafting people hoarders? I know that I am!

Jane said...

Oh but how could you ever resist when everything was such bargain prices ~ of course I absolutely love the Country Bunny, sooooo sweet.
Your piccie of the hot dog stand did make me laugh but they are another temptation that's hard to refuse xxxx

Anne said...

Those are some great bargain finds! I can't believe the frames were so cheap?! Did you get them in the states? Maybe I should take a trip down there because the thrifts shops in Canada are pricey compared to what you got your bargains for!I really like that september pillow! Perfect for us teachers!!

Karen said...

Hi Teresa...thanks for visiting my blog. I have to laugh at your cross stitch hoarder....after cleaning out my "stash" I realize I too suffer from this addiction! Looks like you have some nice goodies...

Can't wait to have a look around... happy stitching.

Sarah Beth said...

Oh I am such a hoarder also. I have so much that I can't imagine finishing any of it. I have lots of patterns and magazines and books and kits it just goes on and on. I have places that sell used books and patterns for so little I can't resist even if I tried. I justify it as -well it would normally cost this so how can I pass up such a great deal. I do wish to start a cross stitching group where I can teach others different types of needlework. Then I can put all my patterns to good use by sharing them for educational purposes. I am mostly talking about my older magazines and books I collect. Not so much the newer patterns out there.