Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Journey Begins

My journey from sunny Southern California to Grand Forks began early early in the morning but it was ok because my daughter and I knew if we were patient our first stop little over 300 miles away would be to one of our favorite places.

The Cracker Barrel. What a delicious breakfast with some shopping to finish it off. It would turn out that on our way I would also get a dinner at a CB and a bathroom break to do some shopping at their sidewalk sale.

We spent our first night in Colorado. Jennifer could not believe how much snow there was on the mountain in June.

I did mange to do a stitching project in the car but have not taken a picture of it yet. Do you know the frog travels in the car I have a small one stitch off and am not sure if I will fix it or not. After all our Lord is the only one perfect and he loves me and my one stitch off piece just the same.

In South Dakota we took a 35 mile off the road stop at the Laura Ingals Homestead. My daughter was in heaven. She even packed her bonnet and said if you can't wear it here where can I wear it. I also really enjoyed the stop. You had so many things to do, she made a small braided rug (ok 2 inch square), a button toy, learned to make wheat knots for the fire, and we both got to put a dry corn cob into a machine that took off the corn. Then we took the cob put a fabric swatch blanket on it and make a corn cob baby to take home.
When you visited the school house you put on prairie outfits and attended school. There was a little pony there that was 13 days old. What a fun stop.

In Fargo, North Dakota I was able to stop at the Nordic Needle. The only problem was I had 20 minutes until they closed. Don't worry I still did some damage. Afterwards we visited the Hobby Lobby ( I printed off 3 40% coupons before we left home so we would all have one). If you follow me you know I love scissors, well guess what they were 40% off so a few ended up in my basket.

I will tell you later about arriving at my son's new apartment that was so bare, only had a bed. I have been busy spoiling him.

The sad note of this trip is we did see a lot of the flooding in the Dakota's. We saw whole farms covered in water with a partial house standing in the middle. We had to detour one time because the highway was washed out. It is one thing to hear about it but to see it made my heart ache. My prayers are out there to those effected.

Always keep love in your stitches,


Mouse said...

looks like you are having a wonderful trip :) have watched all the little house on the prairies as well as my DD's too..... ooo want to see stash heheheh and looking forward to hearing of your next leg of the journey... take care and happy stitching even with a thread out love mouse xxxx

natalyK said...

I love that your road trips usually include a needlework store. Can't wait to see what you got. Enjoy your visit and have a safe return.

Nancy said...

Sounds like your are enjoying your trip! Glad you put your 20 minutes at Nordic Needle to good use! Laura Ingalls Homestead sounds like a great place to visit! Glad you and your daughter had fun there!

Kate said...

Sounds like a great trip - glad you had a successful 20 minutes in Nordic Needle!