Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Change of Attitude.

"Be miserable.
Or Motivate yourself.
Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice."
Wayne Dyer

Miserable was pretty much my attitude when my brother asked me a simple favor. I only have a brother and he is the kind that would help you out with anything. He said he had been on EBAY and saw a cross stitch pattern for "Grumpy"  and was just wondering if it was something I could do. "Grumpy" is my brother's nickname and at times fits him to a tee. Don't get me wrong I love to go to Disneyland as much as anyone, and I love a good Disney movie. I just don't like to wear, stitch or decorate with Disney characters.  So I went on EBAY bought the pattern. It was one of th0se after you buy it they send it to you to download. (No I am not real sure of the copy right law in this, it was coming from China) On Saturday I just couldn't get my heart into it, I started, I walked away, I try again, left to go cleaning I was so desperate not to stitch it, put in a few more stitches, go to bed instead. On Sunday morning I woke to my quote of the day that gets emailed to me daily (it's the one above). I took this as a sign I needed to change my attitude and do this one small thing for my brother. Since it is a cartoon type picture and I have a stock pile of Aida (and my brother won't know the difference) it became my fabric of choice. Here is my progress on "Grumpy". 
Not sure how he wants it finished. Maybe a pillow.

On a much happier note, I got my first letter from my pen pal. Parsley at Seasons of my Mind thought it would be fun to receive old fashion hand written notes. She started a pen pal exchange. My pen pal wrote me the most wonderful note. She has beautiful handwriting, I feel sorry for my pen pal hope she can read my chicken scratches. In my letter she included skein of Sullivan overdyed floss. It is so lovely, I can't decide what to make just yet. This is the first time I have seen Sullivan floss.

I also have a new addition to the family, actually several. I was on Crafty Stitchers blog and they make the cutest dolls. When I saw the nurse one I knew it would be perfect for a friend of mine. Then I saw the little fisher boy and my heart just melted. He will sit in my trailer. While emailing her I asked if she had a school or patriotic one, and yes they had both. So the teacher with her books will join my September back to school decorations and the patriotic one will be a raffle prize at an upcoming event I will be hosting.

"Say Cheese"

Aren't they the cutest. They sent me the cute little one as a thank you.

I am off to finish packing up the trailer. We are going with our camping group for the weekend. It is only about 10 miles away but will seem like 100 as we sit and enjoy the scenery of the lake and enjoy being with friends. Yes I will be taking "Grumpy" with me. My parents and my brother with his family will be camping also, maybe my brother will have some finishing ideas for me.

Always keep love in your stitches,


carol fun said...

Great quote - we all need that kind of motivation from time to time. Grumpy is looking good. And I love the little doll group -- one is cuter than the next. Have fun with the pen pal exchange, I have to say that would appeal to me since I had a couple of great pen pals in my youth.

pam said...

The dolls look so cute. I am sure you will enjoy them. Grumpy is looking really good too. I know he is a labor of love.

gracie said...

love the is a good thing to do for your brother.....and they are the cutest little people!

mdgtjulie said...

Those are cute dolls. I hope you get Grumpy done in a timely fashion, and that your brother loves it!

Lesleyanne said...

I'm sure your brother will love Grumpy. Your dolls are very cute.

Denise said...

Have fun this weekend! I understand the Disney stitchy issue. Not a fan myself - and Precious Moments - cute but not for me! lol

Wagapapa said...

Grumpy is looking nice, your brother will love him.
The dolls are very cute.
Enjoy your camping weekend!

Bekca said...

It's very selfless to do something for your brother even though your heart might not be in it - good for you Teresa. Have a wonderful trip, I love the cute dolls. Best wishes.

cucki said...

have fun my dear,i love the dolls so much..they are my fav too..
grumpy is looking so sweet so far..
enjoy your camping weekend xx

Tricia said...

I know your brother will appreciate Grumpy... even if he makes you grumpy to stitch it! : ) I kind of feel that way about the kit my dh got me for Christmas and would like me to stitch and frame for him. I'll remember your quote when I work on it!!

Nancy said...

Funny how those little messages appear just when we need them! Grumpy is looking good and you are so good to stitch this for your brother! Have fun camping!

Sarah Beth said...

Grumpy is so cute. It makes me think of some designs I would like to do. The dolls are SOOOOOOO cute !!! And the floss from your penpal was nice. I received a card from my pen friend just the other day. I love doing fun stuff like that. :)

Catherine said...

Love the quote!!

It's hard sometimes to get motivated on a piece that someone else asks you to do, especially if it's not something you would normally stitch!

Those dolls are amazing!

Pumpkin said...

I think you're doing great with Grumpy :o) It's not always fun to stitch something we're not interested in but when it's for someone special, we do get through it.

You have a nice doll collection :o)