Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer

"Deep summer is when
laziness finds respectability"
Sam Keen

Well I have definitely been hit with the lazy days of summer. My stitching has not come to a halt but has slowed down tremendously. I have done a couple of pieces for an exchange but can't reveal just yet. I did manage to stitch this little Mill Hill pin yesterday. It will be leaving in a couple of days for a journey across the ocean.

I don't think I have ever introduced you to my stitching companion. You will most likely always find her watching me stitch. She likes to lay in the bed of my stitching room while I stitch away in the rocking chair. Lately she has taken a liking to my new toy. Just try and lay out some material and she is there always willing to help,. Here is my not so little Annabelle.

I will give you a little bit of my past. For about 15 years I worked at a small chocolate factory. I hand painted  and dipped chocolate all day. Yes of course I sampled. I was always bringing something different in to work to try and dip. Sonia was not only my boss but my friend. She has written her first chocolate book and just started a blog. Go visit Chocolates by Imagination and see what I use to do. I did have fun working there and never really thought of it as a job.

Don't let the lazy hot days of summer get you too bad.

Always keep love in your stitches,


pam said...

hopped to Sonia's site. those strawberries look fantastic. The DAWG DAYS of Summer have definitely landed here.

cucki said...

going to have a look just now..your stitching buddy and mine are same..maloo loves to sit with me and check what i am stitching..
keep well dear and love from my side..
hugs xx

CalamityJr said...

Ahhh, what a great quote. Now I don't feel so bad about mu inertia! That pin is lovely; someone is going to be very happy when it reaches its destination. And chocolate as a job? I'd have to agree, that wouldn't be work, but possibly a bit of heaven, lol!

Catherine said...

What a cute pin! It's sure to bring a smile to someone's face! I do love chocolate and wi be popping over to check that out! What a cute stitching companion!

Cross Stitch Queen said...


Wondering if you quilt? I think I saw a sewing machine in one of your pics. If you do, on my blog sidebar, there are at least 2 Accuquilt giveaways that you might be interested in.

They are not my giveaways. Just a listing of blog giveaways I have seen. If any of your friends want to pass by my blog, everyone is welcome. When I get to 100 friendly followers I will have a fabulous giveaway of my own.

I really like your blog. Love your chocolate dipping job. Reminds me of when Lucy (I Love Lucy) worked with Ethel in a chocolate factory and the machine goes amok and Lucy starts packing her clothes with chocolate..... funny.

Well, have a great day!

Tricia said...

Chocolate! MMMMMMmmmmm...! And what a pretty kitty!

mdgtjulie said...

I could never work there. I'd be as big as a house, lol. Lovely kitty. She's such a good helper, I can see that you must find her invaluable!! My helper is just as helpful, lol. Love the pin. It's just adorable. I can't wait to see what else you came up with for your exchanges!!

Anonymous said...

Annabelle is adorable!

I love your little pin. The sweet little flower button is so cute!

Mouse said...

aww that brooch is lovely ... soooo cute stitching companion :) she is defo the queen of the stitching table in that pose and ooooooo chocolate .... off to go and peek at the link :) love mouse xxxx

Bekca said...

What a brilliant job!
Your latest finish looks fab, hope your stitching mojo goes back to normal soon.

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Annabelle is adorable! I wouldn't get much sewing done with her around! I would want to cuddle with her! :)

Elaine said...

Someone is going to be thrilled with that pretty pin Teresa.
Annabelle's a gorgeous companion.
Off to check out the chocolate.

Pumpkin said...

Ah yes, it's that time of year when stitching takes a bit of a back seat :o( Your finish is adorable even if you think it's just a small one ;o)

Annabelle is very sweet. Thanks for sharing her picture :o)

Chocolate factory huh? WHY did you give that up?????? LOL!

Wagapapa said...

You had the greatest job of all! Enjoy your journey & have a good time.

Carol said...

I haven't done much stitching either, Teresa--it has just been too hot and sticky here!

Annabelle is so sweet--I sure wish we could get another cat, but my husband's allergies are just too bad.

Love your little pin :)