Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Finally some Finishes

" I like living. I have sometimes been wildly,
despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow,
but through it all I still know quite certainty
that just to be alive is a great thing."
Agatha Christie

I have had the last few days to myself since my husband is off on one of his backpacking trips. I had hoped to get a lot more done but I am very happy to check off a few things from my list.

First let me say "Thank You" to all the kind suggestions on "Grumpy".  I tried adding grass but just couldn't get it to look right so I took the easy way and just left it. I bought one of the cording tools and boy did it help when I made the cording to go around it. Normally I was twisting the floss by hand (that's OK with doing a small ornament) but I am in love with my new toy. Here is "Grumpy" ready to leave to it's new home.

I told my nephew that when I posted about his pig sale I got new followers, but when I posted a picture of my brother I lost a couple. He thought that was the funniest and said well chicks love me ( I wish that boy had some confidence).

My daughter loves to wear aprons. Once a month she helps serve at our Seniors dinner at church and wears a apron to match the season. She wanted one for September. Here she is modeling her newest addition.

                                It is all done in school theme. She too is lacking in self confidence.

I bought a pattern for a key chain holder and thought I could replace the back material with a cross stitch. Didn't really realize how small the back panel was so I was limited to how big the stitched area could be. I need four "Thank You" gifts for an upcoming event so this is what I came up with.

This is the pieces stitched. The design is only 1" by 3".

They can hold a chap stick, USB stick, money or anything you want to carry with you.

When I attended the Stitching Retreat last fall in our goodie bag was small samples of linens. I had this small square of orange and a Doodles pattern for scraps and made this floss ring. This was my first eyelet, there must be a easier way to put them in.

She is about a 3 1/2 inch circle. She is backed with the same material she is sitting on.

In reading blogs last night several were on the east coast and experienced to some their first earthquake. Living in California that's all I know. Don't get me wrong I know they can be devastating but I will take a earthquake any day over your tornado's and hurricanes. I like that you get no warning and after a few seconds of shaking you straighten out the pictures possibly picking up a few items and then you are on your way. I would not like hearing for a week it is coming, boarding up windows, and stocking up on supplies. I do not want to find my belongings five miles down the road in someones tree or have everything soaking wet.  For those getting prepared for the hurricane my heart goes out to you. I hope those who felt the earthquake yesterday and calmed their nerves. We all have some kind of natural disasters that we must overcome. Stay safe and live life to the fullest.

Always keep love in your stitches,


Parsley said...


Love all the stitching. Very happy items indeed.

Lesleyanne said...

Great finishes - I think Grumpy is great.


Grumpy is adorable, that witch too, heck it all is. We are watching a storm off the coast this weekend, supposed to skirt Florida, and we will be on the good side, so shouldn't have any effects, except the surf.

pam said...

Great finishes! Get a pedi before Dale comes home:)

butterfly said...

Lovely stitching and great finish on all.

Lucie said...

They all look fab, you really are so clever with your finishing of items :)

Hope to see more of your wonderful delights soon x

Nancy said...

Grumpy turned out great! All of your stitching is so cute! Love your daughter's apron! I get what you are saying about the earthquakes but I think I will take the hurricanes over the quakes! :)

Kelly said...

Everything looks great. I love the way Grumpy is finished. It looks so neat. Thanks for sharing.

CalamityJr said...

Great photos and finishes - can't say which I like best! I do know the ones that are gifts are going to be ever so appreciated!

Denise said...

Love Grumpy and withcy poo! I've never done an eyelet - can't help you.

Glad you are getting some time to play. And your daughter is one of a kind. Bet she's pretty amazing. Sorry to hear they lack 'confidence' lol

Stray Stitches said...

You certainly have been busy with all of your projects!
I have to agree with you totally, Teresa! I'll take our earthquakes any day over tornadoes or hurricanes. I wouldn't be able to stand all of those warnings and watches!!

cucki said...

sweet stitching..i love everything so much..hugs xx

Karen said...

Wow! You have been busy for sure! Love all your stitchings and love that apron! It's all way too cute! And I'm totally with you about earthquakes. I've lived in CA since I was 18 months old (a VERY logn time) and I'll take a little shake and bake over a hurricane or tornado any day!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Aren't we just that much more procuctive when our other halfs aren't around?

Grumpy looks great, and your daughter's apron is adorable... yup lacking self confinece there. Totally.

Anne said...

Teresa, your finishes are impeccable! Those key chain fobs are adorable!! Your daughter looks cute too in her September back to school apron!! I hope both her and I land a contract this year!! Wishing her luck!!



mdgtjulie said...

We rarely have tornados, are too far inland for hurricanes, and haven't had an earthquake since I was a small child. My heart goes out to those who have to deal with them, but I thank God that I do not. I have enough to deal with!!! (Also, I have knocked on wood, just in case, lol.) Grumpy looks great. So does your daughter, and lol @ wishing they both had some confidence. Obviously, they're both painfully shy. Love your little keychains. It's a great idea, and I like the flowers. I like the two in the middle the best (but only cause I don't like brown, lol). And your lil witch is cute too. Lovely!!

Carol said...

Such cute stitching, Theresa! Love that little witch :) I love my cord-winder, too--plan on putting it to use this weekend!

Tolentreasures said...

Love all of your stitching, those key rings though are really, really nice! What a great idea! Your apron for your daughter is perfect and doesn't she just look like fun? I didn't feel the earthquake, but my daughter did and was pretty shook up over it. Scary for those of us who don't know what is happening!
Have a great Sunday!


Pumpkin said...

Grumpy turned out awesome Teresa!!!! Great job on the finishing :o)

Boy, you've been busy with the stitching and sewing. That apron is adorable!