Thursday, October 10, 2013

A bit of the past

"Memories are to remember the past
and dreams are to predict the future.
If you don't have dreams you don't have anything."
Arthur Unknown
My daughter loves any thing from the past. She is a true vintage girl. Every Sunday at church you will find her in a pair of old gloves and a vintage hat. She has a lot of fans from the older generation.
At church we have a group that meets on Monday mornings called "Crafts for Christ". We make prayer blankets for any one in need and also small beaded ornaments that we hang on small Christmas trees for those that are shut in and don't get out. Many of the church members donate craft items for us to use like yarn and beads. Well we received a box recently from a women cleaning out her mom's old crafts. Mostly it was scrapes of material but in the box was a very old envelope. The envelope was from a craft a month club. For a mere dollar and 24 cents for postage you would receive a new craft each month. This particular one was from 1968. After opening it and reading the letter to the girls they all said you need to make this for your daughter Jennifer our sweet vintage girl.

The letter that came with it described it as wildly gay. It was a stash bag to store your curlers or many other things.

It also reminded you to pre-pay your membership to avoid the 60 cent C.O.D. charges. When was the last time you saw some thing come C.O.D. ?


 So I  followed the pattern and laid out the net material on top of the white vinyl (that frankly reminded me of a old shower curtain) and sewed  the two together. After finishing all the steps I ended up with this delightful stash bag.

It even had that vintage smell to it. Needless to say my daughter was absolutey thrilled with it. Not bad for $1.25 spent back in 1968. It was a fun pattern and I might do it again but not with the old shower curtain material.
I must have gotten this pattern a few years ago and finally got around to stitching it. Not sure how I will finish it. I have been doing some other stitching but can't quite show them yet as they are for exchanges at the retreat. Since I already know a couple of bloggers attending the retreat next week I will wait and show them after the exchange.
Most likely I won't post again until after I arrive at the retreat next week, but who knows miracles can happen.
Always keep love in your stitches,


natalyK said...

What retreat are you attending?

pam said...

love the stash tote!

gracie said...

How nice is that!

cucki said...

Aww so sweet..very pretty tote :)
Sweet stitches
Hugs x

butterfly said...

love your stitching.
I am also a collector of past things just love them.

Vickie said...

That is a really neat story. And the stash bag turned out fabulous!
Cute little kitty stitch.
Have a great retreat!

Catherine said...

Cute tote and finish!

Vicky L said...

What a lovely tote!
Here Kitty Kitty it's adorable!

Bekca said...

I love you latest stitched finish, it's adorable. I hope you have a wonderful time at the retreat :)
Best wishes.

Simply Victoria said...

What a fun make for your vintage girl :)