Thursday, October 3, 2013

My last get away retreat.

"If a man insisted on being serious and never allowed
himself a bit of fun and relaxation, he would go
mad or become unstable without knowing it."
Last April when I flew into Alabama to meet with Pam, "Confessions of a Southern Stitcher" to attend a retreat in Arkansas. It was a time in my life when I really needed relaxation. Unfortunately the relaxation only lasted so long and then I had to go back home. That was when life got in the way of blogging and I stopped for a bit. On my last post I said I was looking for the pictures of the retreat. I was able to find them and now I will share them with you.
This is the Red Apple Inn where the retreat took place. It was a perfect place to run away from the real world and just sit, stitch and meet new friends.
This was the beautiful view we had from our breakfast table each morning.

Pat ran the shop that hosted the retreat. Unfortunately her shop is now closed as she and her husband moved to be closer to family.

Her friend Tracey helped with the retreat. It was Tracey that taught the class I attended.
Several times at our workplace or table at lunch we found a little goodies.

I admit I have not stitched this one yet. It was a tea towel and floss to stitch a design along the bottom edge. How cute it was stuffed in a canning jar.
At one lunch this little bag was at our seats with a kit inside.
Tracey taught beading and there was a wonderful selection of beads to purchase.
This was the kit that was inside and Tracey helped me to complete it. I have to say it is one of a kind never to be done again.

It was a beaded band to go around a small flashlight. Of course since it was hearts I had to give it a try.

The class I attended was making clay buttons. Tracey attended a class given by "Just Another Button Company" and she tried to pass on her knowledge. These are my attempt at making heart buttons. They started off to be a heart with a white center and pink around the outside, by the time I was done they were marbled instead.

What I really wanted to make was some star buttons. I have a special project I am working on and really wanted to had a homemade button. Look for this project in the near future.

I purchased this kit at one of the many shops we visited. I got it thinking I would do a "T" in the stitching but after opening the pattern I didn't care for the "T" and saw that a heart pattern was included and knew that was what I had to stitch.
It was a wonderful trip and I really enjoyed spending some time with Pam. The morning I left her house I looked out into the back yard and saw all her azaleas in full bloom. Pam was a wonderful hostess and really showed me a wonderful time.
I had such a wonderful time, Pam and I will be at it again. This time Pam will be picking me up at the Atlanta airport and we will be driving to Myrtle Beach, SC to attend another wonderful retreat. This retreat is hosted by "Down Sunshine Lane". I have already found a couple of bloggers who will be attending and look forward to meeting them. Who else out there in blog land will be attending?
I hope to see you there in less than two weeks.
Always keep love in your stitches,


Vickie said...

Good for you! Glad you had such a nice time. I hope all is well at home too.

cucki said...

Wow so much fun ...
Sending you lots of love x

Simply Victoria said...

How fun and what a look of neat goodies! Can't wait to hear about your time at DSL's retreat. Nice for you to have good girl-time getaways!

Karen said...

I always love to see your pictures! Thanks for sharing them :) Have fun in Myrtle Beach! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!

Bekca said...

I'm glad you enjoyed some respite from your hectic life :) It looks like you had a blast, enjoy all of your lovely goodies.
Best wishes.

Catherine said...

So good to see your post. Love all of your pics and goodies!! And yay for you ~ getting to attend another fun retreat with Pam!!