Friday, April 15, 2011

Having Stitching Withdrawal

God makes our lives a medley of joy and tears,
hope and help, love and encouragement

    I have not been able to do much stitching this week and I think I am having withdrawal pains. My SIL is having some major health issues and to help out we have had our 9 year old niece all week since she is on spring break. It has been along time since I have had a small one and it is always different when it is not your own. So instead of stitching I have been entertaining. We spent one day at the American Girl Doll Store at The Grove in Los Angeles. We have been trying to do a small yarn project together but is going very slow.
    I did manage yesterday to stitch this. Can you tell what it will be? The stitching is extremely easy it will be the finishing that will take all the time. I will wait and do it after she leaves.

    I don't know if you can tell in my profile picture that I have a son in the Air Force. He is currently in South Korea. He did a year there to go to his base choice of Japan. He was supposed to report there on April 5th.
I got a call from him today that all transfers to Japan have been canceled. He is disappointed but understanding. (Personally I didn't want him to go until they clean up everything , some day I don't want grand-kids that glow in the dark) He told me he will be stationed in Grand Forks, North Dakota. He reports there in a couple of weeks. I am sure some day we will  go to visit him on the base.  I will be asking you stitchers if know of any good needlework shops in that area. You"betsah" it won't be in the winter when this California girl visits (I saw Fargo).

Always keep love in your stitches,


Sheilasembroidery said...

Is it going to be a ladybug?

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely stitching. I would say probably a ladybird. Hope you SIL is well soon.

Mouse said...

oooo think its a lady bug :) entertaining wee ones is hard you get out of how to and what to do with them love mouse xxx

Lucie said...

Either a ladybug or a strawberry I reckon. Sending get well vibes to your SIL and safe journey to your son x

Kate said...

Perhaps a ladybird?

Catherine said...

Not much stitching here either, so I can relate. I'm going to say ladybug.

I can only imagine how you feel about your son staying in the States. Perhaps he will still get to Japan one day.

Nancy said...

I see a watermelon slice. Glad your son gets to come state side, going to Japan is not a good option right now. It must be exciting to have him Moving closer! Bet that 9 year old has kept you hopping! Hope your SIL is getting better.

pam said...

I cannot wait to see this one finished. It is going to be so cute. Love the red. It was worth the wait.

Wagapapa said...

I also think it's a ladybug.

Hope your SIL gets better soon. Maybe when things stabilize in Japan your son could get there to the base he chose.