Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm Back To Stitching

God gives strength to the weary and
increases the power of the weak.
Isaiah 40:29

    Well having my nine year old niece for the entire week I didn't get much of my stitching done. But this is our accomplishments for the week.

    Ok I can not tell you the designer but it was stitched on plastic canvas and felt with good old fashioned yarn. My niece has had no sewing in her life what so ever so my patience was really tested. That poor flower was ripped out so many times. You can say major frogging.
    By Saturday I couldn't take it any more and needed to work on something for me. I know I said I was going to save this for my trip coming up, but since it already had everything together to start it I moved it up to the front of the class.

     Not much to show but the roof tops on County Cottage, Liberty Lane. It seems like lately I have only done small projects so this will be my progress posting piece for a little bit.

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Always keep love in your stitches,


pam said...

look at all those cute roof tops! Anna's stuff looks cute too. I know she will always remeber the time you took to teach her.

Lesleyanne said...

Your niece's project is lovely. I'm sure she will have loved the time she spent with you doing it. Great new start on Liberty Lane. I have this so can't wait to see your progress.

natalyK said...

Love the projects you did with your niece. Maybe you will be the one that inspired her to pick up a needle. How fun would that be. I love your progress pick and look forward to watching it grow.

Wagapapa said...

I love that bear!

That roofs look very well, I want to see how it goes on :D

Nancy said...

You are such a good aunt passing on the love of needlework to your neice. I am sure she will have fond memories of her time spent with you!