Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lovely Surprises

"Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others,
cannot keep it themselves."
James M. Barrie

     Yesterday a little sunshine came into my mailbox with not one but two packages. First my give away that I won from Lynn at Needles-and-quilter-me.

    A LHN (which I love) pattern "Gentleness" with all the Crescent Colours thread to complete it. The cutest journal that says, "Laugh yourself into Stitches", a teapot note pad with magnet (perfect I am a tea drinker) and the little tin with a tape measure on it really has a tape measure in it. Thank you Lynn I will enjoy all of it.

    My next package was from Pam at Confessions of a Southern Stitcher . She passed on a pattern she used, My Stitching Chair Necessaire from Hillside Samplings. Two beautiful heart thread keepers. She knows I love anything with a heart. Being a true friend she knew the last couple of weeks has been stressful around here and that one day I got into the Easter candy and ate the pink peeps. Pam surprised me with a new supply of pink peep bunnies. It was just what I needed, thank you. Pam is hosting her first give away, visit her and enter.

    Here is my progress on "Liberty Lane". Almost have my houses painted and hope to start the doors and windows. Notice my new heart thread holder. Isn't she beautiful.

    Thank you for visiting and leaving comments, it truly means a lot to me. Lately blogland has been a place of peace for me. The reason I had my niece last week is my SIL has been diagnosed with cancer and  unfortunately it has spread quite a bit. My stitching and my blogging have been a comfort to me and gives me a place to slip away, if not I think I would  need a lot more than pink peeps.

Always keep love in your stitches,


Nancy said...

Glad you got packages to brighten your day!

Sorry about your SIL's diagnosis. Will keep her and you in my prayers.

Glad you got somemore pink peeps! With me it's peanut M & M's. Why is it that we turn to sugar when we are stressed! Stitching is a better alternative and better for the waistline too!

Take Care.

Catherine said...

What lovely surprises! So sorry to hear of your SIL's news. Hugs, thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

pam said...

the suspense is killing me...what color do you get to paint the center house? They are really looking nice.

Mouse said...

lovely surprises there for you ... but what are pink peeps ???? for me it has to be dark chocolate in times of need ......sorry to hear you sil news .... keep stitching great stress buster .. love mouse xxxx

Lesleyanne said...

Sorry to hear your SIL news. Lovely gifts and Liberty Lane is looking gorgeous. Stitching is definitely a godsend when times are tough.

Lucie said...

What lovely suprises - I imagine they cheered you up no end. Sending you all lots of love xx