Monday, April 25, 2011

I need will power!

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."
Helen Keller

     My Liberty Lane is coming along with a minor bump in the road. I will not have enough of the over dyed thread. Yes that means tomorrow I am heading out for a 45 minute ride to get some more. I will need some will power not to buy out the store because I already have enough projects to keep me busy five life times. Today I am going to check my patterns and hopefully just buy threads that I need to finish one or two of them.

                                                   I now have the landscaping done.
                                              The lane needs to do a little decorating.

     A couple of weeks ago I told you I was working on a project I couldn't show you because she sometimes follows my blog. I made a Easter basket for my daughter. She is a big knitter so I wanted something she could use to hold her yarn in. She has a gray and white cat and I have a tan one so when I saw this pattern on a trip to Florida in January I knew that I needed to make this.

    I just mounted the stitched pieces on some fabric and attached them to the basket with buttons. I still love making Easter baskets even with kids who are 26 and 24. My son's basket wasn't as fun, he was more of a care package that I sent to him over in South Korea. Still it was filled with lots of candy and goodies.  

    My daughter Jennifer's new love is making pies from scratch. She made her Grandpa a spice pear pie for Easter. He is almost 81 and was like a 8 year old wanting to eat it before dinner. I hope everyone had a nice Easter.

Always keep love in your stitches,


Lesleyanne said...

Lovely basket for your daughter. Great picture.

Kate said...

Liberty Lane is gorgeous - I could try sending you some will power but I don't have any myself! Enjoy your shopping.
Great finish on the knitting basket.

Ruth said...

Liberty Lane is looking really good and I hope you have the willpower to just buy the threads you need, I know I wouldn't lol.
I love your Easter Basket for you daughter and I'm sure she loved it !
Great pic and the pie looks delicious.

Sheilasembroidery said...

What lovely gifts and that pie mmmmmmmmmmmm

natalyK said...

Love your knitting basket. I am sure your daughter will treasure it. I love liberty lane, hope you enjoy your visit to the LNS.

pam said...

Spice pear pie! send the directions. Have a blast at the stitch shop. knitting basket turned out fantastic.

Carol said...

Liberty Lane is coming along nicely, Teresa--sure hope you can find a good match for the overdyed threads that you need. And such a wonderful knitting basket--what a lucky daughter you have :)

staci said...

What a clever and creative Easter Basket you made your daughter! I'm sure she was thrilled with it. She's very pretty and her pie sure looks tasty :)