Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to Civilization

"If you come home as happy as you leave,
you have had a good vacation."
Arthur Unknown

I am back to civilization. We had a wonderful time sitting back and just enjoying nature. After about a 6 hour drive through mostly desert we arrived at our destination. I  was hoping it would be a lot cooler but we did have very cool nights so I can't complain too much. As I sat outside doing some stitching this was my view from my chair.
You can barely see but just right beside the trees was this wonderful creek. The snow level in the Sierra's was so high this year that with the melting all the creeks and lakes are extremely full. This is what was about 10 feet from my chair.
It was so nice to lay in the trailer and hear the water streaming down it's path. Ok so I also woke up to the sound of water so of course I had to go make my own water first thing. That happens as we get older.

I did do some stitching but can't show you everything. I finished the stitching part for my next summer exchange. Now I need to decide on the finishing.  A while back I was looking for a pattern to make 10 favors for a tea I attend in December. I didn't use the one I asked about because it was from a 2002 magazine. I did get a tip on a freebie pattern. I got started on my favors and this is what I got done. Sorry I haven't ironed it yet.
There will be some red beads added later and then they will become scissor fobs.

Denise and I have finished our SAL so keep posted for our finished projects. Being out of Internet range and mostly cell phone too for the past few days it is taking me awhile to get caught up on my blogging. I didn't realize how addicted I was until you all were out of my life for awhile. I look forward to getting back in the real world.

Always keep love in your stitches,


Denise said...

Love your camping pics! Nothing better than hearing a stream as you go to sleep!

Can't believe you got all that stitching done in 3 days! Wow!

Parsley said...

Lovely pics. The stitchy favors will be appreciated I'm sure.

cucki said...

very lovely pictures.i love the place so much.very peaceful.
your stitching is looking so sweet.keep it up dear..
hugs xx

Kelly said...

The Christmas scissor fobs will be adorable. Looks like a wonderful vacation spot.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely stitching. Great pictures from your trip.

mdgtjulie said...

What great pics. Everything is sooo green! I love it. And you got a lot of stitching done for only three days. Wow!!! Grats on the great progress. Can't wait to see your exchange pics.

Nancy said...

Nice camping pictures! Must have been so pleasant to sit by that creek and listen to the moving water! You have made great progress on your fobs!

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi teresa..I saW your comment on karens blog..we lived in covina for 19 years..we are near palm springs now..thought I would sayh hi!

Small world...

Barb b.