Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I need some help.

"Our best thoughts
come from other's"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every year our church women's group holds a Christmas tea. You can volunteer to host a table for ten. You as host will decorate your table any way you wish. I just love hosting a table and start planning my decor shortly after the tea is finish for the next year.  I like to give each one at my table a small gift that I have cross stitched.  I bought dishes last year on sale to use and they say Peace, Joy, and Noel on them. I would like to give each guest a little scissor fob. I found red and green scissors on sale at Hobby Lobby and now need to come up with an idea that is not too bad to make 10 of. While looking at blogs I clicked onto another blog which lead me to another one (ok have I lost you) that was hosting a give away and showed some suggestions, well I did think enough in advance to copy the picture but not the blog.  Here is the picture I copied, sorry I can not give you credit.

Is anyone familiar with this pattern? Was it a freebie somewhere? Are do you have anything like it I could borrow. Any help would be appreciated.

In a couple of days I will be posting a give away so stayed tuned.

News Update:
Sarah at Craftymoo found me a picture of the pattern, It is from a old Better Homes and Garden. Thank you so much, you bloggers are wonderful!

Always keep love in your stitches,


Parsley said...

Thanks for the follow and for entering my giveaway! Good luck!

I'm not familiar with that pattern. I'm sure someone knows.

Sarah said...

Just did a search on the internet and found a lady who has stitched it here:http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/photo/1103386208033708946bXrdCy

it is from Better Homes and Gardens magazine 2002 CRoss Stitch Christmas, I guess you could email the company and see if they still have it somewhere in their archive.

Good luck

Mouse said...

try this for something similar ??http://www.sewandso.co.uk/Products/Three-Blox-Chart-and-Fabrics-Pack__LIZ-K42.aspx or http://www.sewandso.co.uk/Products/Tiny-Tidings-XI-Chartpack__LIZ-LK126.aspx or this one :) hope that helps abit if you can't find the one ... I am sure I have something similar in my freebies sooo will have a peek for you :) love mouse xxxx

Siobhan said...

It sounds like you got your answer--sorry I couldn't help! What a wonderful idea to do that for people--and for a great cause.

Kate said...

What a lovely idea to stitch a little something for your guests. Good luck with the pattern search.

Catherine said...

Glad you found it!!

Nancy said...

So glad you found the pattern! It really is cute! Wish I could be one of the ladies at your tea table!

Cross Stitch Queen said...

Glad to have visited your blog. There is such a peacefulness about it that is refreshing to me.

Thank your son for his service from us. The sacrifice is commendable. I am sure that somedays are harder than others.

I see that you have 2 giveaways listed on your blog. I may have additional ones on mine that your followers may be interested in: http://betweenthestitches.blogspot.com

My own giveway can be found on my new blog: http://thestitchersmarket.com its for Lizzie Kate's Limited Edition "Life's a Beach" Kit.

Good luck to all who participate and CONGRATS on your 100th follower.


Blu Stitcher said...

That's wonderful that you found it. What a wonderful thing you are doing and how fun.


Bekca said...

Hi Teresa, thank you so much for the kind comments you leave on my blog. I've just had a read through some of your blog posts and you complete truly lovely stitching. And your finishing is gorgeous! You must be a whizz on the sewing machine. I have just become a follower and look forward to reading even more of your warm and welcoming posts. Best wishes.

Heidi said...

Isn't it amazing...just throw a question out there and bloggers come through for you. Your table ideas sound really nice. Have fun with it and remember to plan well ahead so you can enjoy the tea as much as those at your table.

Thank you so much for your comment about the ort jars. I am making more of them to give to friends who are not in my group so I will take photos of them as I do them and post a tutorial. There is a tutorial coming in part 3 of the Christmas in July posts. I designed a simple country hanging mobile and am going to show you how to make it on the blog too.

Hugs from Holland ~

Angela P said...

I'm glad someone was able to locate it for you, I had never seen it before.