Monday, July 11, 2011

City Girl goes County

"God made the country,
and man made the town."
William Cowper

I don't have any stitching that I can show so I must tell you about my little outing this weekend. I live in the city, always have most likely always will. My brother many years ago moved about a half hour away to Chino. At the time it was a very large dairy community. Most of the farms have left but a few still remain. Their local high school still offers FFA Club (that's Future Farmers of America for you other city folks). My nephew joined last year. This year he raised a pig and is working on a two year project raising a cow. Friday evening was the Junior Livestock Auction. And my family who doesn't want to miss anything headed out with friends in full force to see the aution. The evening starts off with a delicious dinner of a big plate of beef and pork, beans, salad, rolls, ice cream and all the milk and chocolate milk you want.  All for $8.00 a plate.  After dinner my nephew took us outside to see his cow, Maggy Moo. It was a treat to see her since she doesn't go to auction until next year. At that time she will be with calf.
Here is Maggy Moo with my daughter, Jennifer. She said if you are going to an auction you need to dress the part. She really wants to date a cowboy or farmer, do you know any?

When the auctioning was about to start and my nephew was going to go be with his pig the last thing he said to us was don't embarress him by cheering when he came out. Well telling my family that is like telling the sun not to rise. There are several dairy owners and business people there who bid on all the animals so the kids can earn some money. We knew when it was time for our pig to come up to auction we had to make an impression so he would get more per pound for his pig. I should tell you the name of his pig, Christopher Periwinkle Bacon, that's Chris P. Bacon for short.
That evening there was 74 animals being auctioned from rabbits, lambs, goats, sheer, heifers and pigs. Pigs are always last and my nephew was 71. Just before he was about to come out this is what my family looked like.

I found some foam visors that were pig shaped for a dollar at the local Michael's. I bought what they had. We all cheered as he came out. The auctioneer said he brought his fan club with him. He said how can a kid go wrong with family support like this. Most pigs went for $2.75 to $3.25 per pound.

Here is Chris P. Bacon weighing in at 244 pounds. He went for $3.50 per pound. The kids have to buy their piglet and all the food for it. They get to keep all the money their animal earns at auction.

Well that is my little trip into county life. Anyone hungry for some bacon?

Always keep love in your stitches,


gracie said...

Sad to give up the oig, but great experience and not bad in the $$ department for your nepheew..

Ruth said...

I'd like to give you the stylish blogger award, please head over to my blog to find out the details. xxx

Jennifer M. said...

Cute story! I'm totally a city girl. I live and grew up in Miami, FL. That is definitely big city life. Although my grandfather had a farm in Pennsylvania for a while so when I visited him I got my dose of country life too. It is very different.

This sounds like such a great experience for your nephew. So sad they have to auction off their pets though. :(

Jen in Miami

Dani - tkdchick said...

LOL I'm pretty much a city girl living on the edge of the country... I spent my weekend a a Rodeo! That's as country as you can get!

Mouse said...

Brilliant way to teach them the country life :) and he did well to get so much and loved the name of the piggy :) love mouse xxxx

Bekca said...

Wow, we don't have projects like that here in the UK but I really wish they did. Looks like you had a fun time cheering on your nephew! Best wishes.

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Teresa you are way to fun! Love the visors! Your daughter looks so cute and I am sure she will be dating a farmer or cowboy in no time!

The kids work so hard raising their animals for auction. I could never do that because I would cry like a baby having to sale mine! LOVE the name Chris P. Bacon! How clever is that?!!!! Looking forward to coming to the LA Fair in Sept. close to you!


Carol said...

Love the name of your nephew's pig, Teresa!! He sure got a great price for him... And how cute your daughter looks posing with Maggy Moo--her boots are adorable :)

Nancy said...

Great family time! Love the pigs name!