Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SAL Progress

"Always keep that happy attitude.
Pretend that you are holding a
beautiful fragrant bouquet."
Candice M. Pope

I am fortunate enough to be going camping  this weekend. We are headed up to Lake Crowley by Mammoth Mountain in the Sierra's. I am hoping for much cooler weather when we get up there. First we have about a five hour drive in the heat. For that reason we are hoping for a early start. Because I am leaving before the end of the week when Denise and I are supposed to post our SAL progress I am posting tonight.

Here is mine:
I got all the stitching done and this week will attempt the ribbon edging.

Denise at Riverside Stitching has had one of those trying weeks and will do her stitching later. Here is what she has done.

Stitching this together and communicating thru emails has meant more to me than I can say. Our new friendship will last longer than this project.

Keep an eye out to see if we can do the fancy ribbon edging. Meantime I will be out of Internet reach for a few days.

Always keep love in your stitches,


Ranae said...

Sweet SAL stitching
Have fun camping and stay cool

gracie said...

Have fun the SAL

Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous finish. Can't wait to see the ribbon edging. Have a great time camping.

cucki said...

it is really very cute sal..have a fun camping xx

Patty C. said...

Great Progress
I haven't been camping in forever - Great memories - The kids used to love it when they were little
Have fun !!

Kelly said...

Good luck with the finishing. I am hiring mine done. I am a bad finisher. Enjoy your trip!

Bekca said...

I hope you have a lovely camping trip Teresa, and have a nice break from all the heat. Fab finish.

Angela P said...

Hope you have fun camping....that's one of my favorite things to do too :) Great new finish, SAL's are a lot of fun.

mdgtjulie said...

I hope you have a good trip, Teresa. Lovely work on your SAL with Denise. Can't wait to see them both finished.

Valerie said...

What a darling SAL! I too have a SAL buddy and I cherish every Saturday when we stitch on our projects!

Enjoy your camping excursion!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hope your trip was a great one! Love your stitching pieces! Beautiful handiwork.